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The Black Lily

Clear Reed Diffuser 100ML

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Give yourself a constant burst of your favourite scent with our contempoary high quality reed diffusers.

With their simple design they are great for using on a display tray, coffee table, side board or window sill and they will compliment any home decor.

Each clear glass bottle comes with 10 reeds to maximise a good scent flow.

How to use:
Simply remove the cap and stopper, add the cap back on and insert the reeds.
Use a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep oil drips from damaging any surfaces.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Place the diffuser in a high traffic area, this encourages air circulation and lifts the fragrance.
Flip the reeds every 3-6 days to freshen the reeds taking care not to spill the oil.

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